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Did you know that there is a thing called ‘fashion personality?’ Yes! You heard that right. The fashion personality may not necessarily resemble your own personality. There are people out there who are cheerful, fun, and an extrovert but when it comes to their fashion personality they always go minimal, they don’t like experimenting and having fun with their looks.

Have you ever been shopping with your best friend and found out that you both have different tastes altogether for products? That is because every individual is different, you both may gel together well as a person but not when it comes to fashion.

Shopping for clothing and accessories could be overwhelming sometimes. We buy things just because it’s trendy and all over, but only to realize later that it’s something that doesn’t match your vibe.

We ‘Incroyable craft’ are manufacturers of clutches, purses, potli bags, and coin bags. We have a wide range of varieties in every category of the clutch purse. We have made sure that our range of clutch purses covers every personality. One of the aims of ‘Incroyable craft’ is that whenever any customer visits our store searching for clutch bags, they should find their perfect match of clutch purses that matches their vibe totally.

Let’s understand that everybody has a different personality and the choices differ from person to person. Make choices which you love to wear rather than which people would love.

To make it easier, our fashion experts have listed down a few tips and tricks for you to choose the perfect clutch bag according to your personality.

  1. Classic
    If you are someone who loves her mom’s 10-15-year-old saree and the jewelry she owns then you love classics. And if you adore Rekha Ji and Vidya Balan’s style. Then you’d surely prefer those classic potli bags or sturdy metal clutches from ‘Incroyable craft.’ The best thing about classic potli bags is that they can be used even after a long period of time and every penny used on the product will be utilized. We have a wide collection of potli bags for you to choose from.

    Girls in their teens and in their 20s usually do not prefer classic clutch purses or potli bags. Their love for classic clutch purses grows with time and age gradually
  2. Experimental
    If you always look up to Ranveer Singh and Sonam Kapoor for fashion then you must love experimenting with the looks and the accessories. You consider accessories as an art and love to go for bold choices. We at ‘Incroyable craft’ have some quirky and fun designs of clutch bags and clutch purses that you would love to own.

    Famous fashion blogger Komal Pandey is one such example. She keeps experimenting and playing with the fashion by taking it to another notch altogether every time.

    The best part of being in this category is, that people can not predict what you’d be wearing and what kind of accessory you will be pairing up with. Carry clutch bags and purses from ‘Incroyable craft’ to grab those eyeballs and stand tall in the crowd.
  3. Minimal –
    You are someone who swears by ‘less is more’, pastel shades are your color and you do not prefer adorning anything that looks over the top. Then you have a minimal personality in fashion. Experimenting is not your thing, you love to play safe with your choices of clothes and accessories.

    You’ll find an endless variety of clutch bags, purses, and potli bags in our store ‘Incroyable craft’ which have lighter shades with fewer embellishments and minimal work on them. Let us understand that sometimes this minimal, delicate handwork takes more time in the process as it has to be more precise and elegant.

    You can neither go underdressed nor overdressed to any party while carrying our minimal yet elegant clutch purses.
  4. Trend driven –
    You have the biggest FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) on the latest trend and never want to go for anything which is so last season. You love getting all the right attention through your attire and uploading pictures on Instagram showing how you are keeping up with the trend. You are a trend-driven person. From clothing, footwear, and accessories you love wearing all trendy.

    ‘Incroyable craft’ loves to keep up with the trend and has the latest collection of trendy clutch purses. We understand that trend doesn’t stay longer, so we keep updating our store with a new collection of clutch bags and purses. We have some incredible envelope-shaped clutch purses which will enhance your look to make you the trendiest person in your college
  5. Comfort –
    You can wear anything that is elegant or experimental or trendy but it has to have comfort. Comfort is the key for you. You can’t wear anything just for the sake of looking good. The clothes, shoes, and accessories must be as comfortable as possible.

    You get a lot of backlash from your friends and family for not wearing attires according to the occasion. Do not worry, my dear! ‘Incroyable craft’ has come up with such lovely clutch bags and purses that are not only charming and appealing but also the most comfortable and easy to carry..

Now that you know your fashion personality, you can invest in the right piece of a clutch purse. You will not find a store as versatile as ‘Incroyable craft’ for clutch bags and purses. Visit our store and grab the best piece of clutch bag for yourself or your friend.

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