Handcrafted Floral Embroidered Clutch



Flowers are a symbol of beauty, care and elegance.

It makes our hearts go thump as we imagine them to be pretty blooms that have been carefully selected by the person who will put them in their bouquet.

When you receive a handcrafted multicolor floral embroidered clutch from Incroyable Craft, you will be amazed at how realistic it looks. The intricately woven patterns attract all the attention.

This versatile handcrafted clutch for women is casual yet elegant for any special occasion. The colors are yellow, green, pink and marron.

At Incroyable Craft each piece is handmade by skilled craftsmen with precision. You can be proud to say that your bag was custom-made for you. We are proud to promote the hours of hard work that went into making this one piece of perfection.

Get this handmade clutch before our stock runs out.


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