Queen Bee White and Golden Envelope Clutch


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The Queen Bee Clutch is handwoven with beads in a mix of metallic copper and gold in a classy background of white.

The beaded appliqué design gives this bag an artisanal feel, creating a unique impression for the modern woman. Hold it like a clutch, or sling it around in style.

Whether it’s clutched for formal occasions or to bring you home from the office, there is no better way to add some color and style to an outfit than with a simple clutch.

Incroyable Craft employs traditional hand embroidery to create beautiful clutches and slings. We also make accessories using a lot more passion, love, and patience. Our collection features a mix of trendy and ethnic designs, all handcrafted from eco-friendly materials.

Get this handmade clutch before our stock runs out.


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