Pure Pink Rectangle-Box Flap-Open Clutch


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This rectangle flap-open clutch is handwoven with embroidered geometric patterns that are
intricately designed with the purpose of grabbing attention. The soulful pink patterns reflect
elegance and make your clutch stand out in the crowd.
A perfect choice to accompany you to your office or any graceful occasion. Adore this
lightweight and compact magnificence with pride and add a splash of joy and glamour to your
everyday fashion.
No worries what your outfit is, the clutch fits with both traditional and western dresses.
Compliment it with your traditional sarees and lehengas, or match with your favorite jeans this
clutch will make you stand apart in any wedding or festive party.
This handcrafted clutch also serves the best as gift to your favorite person on her birthday,
anniversary etc.
Our skilled artisans have crafted this magnificent marvel with utmost craftsmanship. Each bead
of embroidery in this clutch reflects the authentic skill and precision of our artisan.
Grab this unique piece of craft before stocks run out.


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