The reason why ‘Incroyable craft’ supports handmade products

‘Incroyable craft’ takes up the premium quality raw material from the local source, the skilled artisans craft their expertise precisely making our clutch bags totally handcrafted. We want our customers to use our clutches, purses, and potli bags guilt-free. At the time we started our store ‘Incroyable craft’ it was always pre-decided that our clutch bags and purses will be cruelty-free and will support and promote the message of handicraft.

The reason why we wanted clutch bags and purses from ‘Incroyable craft’ to be handcrafted is because we understood that handmade bags are the best, and we wanted to appreciate the talents of Indian artisans. We are sure you will be thrilled to know the reason and will adapt and inspire others with the same in the future.

  1. Uniqueness –
    Handicraft products add uniqueness to the products. Handmade bags by our
    artisans are uniquely designed and customized for you. And tell us who doesn’t
    like to own customized clutch purses and bags?
    So next time you buy any handmade bags from ‘Incroyable craft’ you can proudly
    own them as it is made exclusively for you.
  2. Support –
    When you invest in handmade products, you are supporting the country’s
    economy. You are supporting small artists to grow and their families to live a
    happy life.
    So when you buy from ‘Incroyable craft’ you not only buy for yourself but also to
    have an impact on someone’s life.
    Imagine owning a clutch purse from Incroyable craft that makes you so proud
    because, with that clutch purse, you are supporting some small artist rather than
    any big tycoons.
  3. Keeps the tradition alive –
    We at ‘Incroyable craft’ are aiming to keep the roots of tradition alive. As you see
    there are an endless number of businesses that are killing our traditional art in
    some way or other.

    We are very proud of our traditional art and craft and our aim is to make them
    reach as far as possible. Our country is full of rich traditional art and skill and the
    effort must be made by our generation to keep it alive for the next generation as
    well. So, every bead, every sequin, and every thread of the embroidery of clutch
    bags and purses from ‘Incroyable craft’ is rooting our traditions. If you are proud
    of your traditions then keep them alive by owning clutch bags and purses from
    ‘Incroyable craft.’
  4. Environment friendly –
    In traditional handcrafted products, no big industry is involved. You will find artists
    crafting their skills to precision in one place. No harsh raw materials or machinery
    is ever picked or used in our manufacturing process. We at ‘Incroyable craft’
    make sure that nothing is harmful to the environment or any living being on the
    planet. Because we love and care about our environment. If you too care about
    your environment then show your voice by picking clutch bags, purses, and coin
    bags from ‘Incroyable craft.’
  5. Narrates a story –
    Every clutch purse from ‘Incroyable craft’ is handmade by the artists. And every
    artist has their own story of learning and practicing and also the amount of time
    they spent perfecting their art. By purchasing our clutch bags and purses you are
    making the artist relive their own story. Every clutch bag and purse from
    ‘Incroyable craft’ has a story to narrate.
  6. Conveying a message –
    With every purchase from ‘Incroyable craft,’ you are conveying the message that
    any person can look fashionable in their traditions. You don’t need to follow the
    bandwagon to look trendy.

    The fashion industry in our country is evolving and we are blindly following the
    western culture and traditions to compete with them. Let us not forget that our
    traditional art and craft have their own essence which will always stand out. Let
    us make a path to reach our tradition to the next generation.

    Do you believe in the message or want to be the voice to convey them to
    more people? To be the voice of our message, carry clutch bags and purses from
    ‘Incroyable craft.’

Handmade bags are usually on the higher side of the prices because of their quality and skills used in the process. We at ‘Incroyable craft’ wanted more people to support handmade bags, so we have worked really hard to keep the rates as affordable as possible.

Even with the one piece of handmade bag you buy from ‘Incroyable craft’, you are leaving an impact on someone’s life. Imagine gifting any clutch purse from our store, you would actually be gifting a handmade bag with so many emotions and causes attached to it.

To own clutch purses or any other accessory guilt-free and with pride buy it from our store. Stop scrolling and hunting for your perfect clutch purse, visit ‘Incroyable craft’ to find it.

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